We donate 10% to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Our Story

Vibe Tribe began as a dream to create. What we could not have anticipated at the start, was the companies ability to inspire. As Vibe Tribe has continued to evolve since our humble beginning, the company has transformed into something we believe extends far beyond clothing. Our hope for Vibe Tribe is that it may become a community, one that we invite everyone to be a part of. We have dedicated our brand to a message of universal positivity. It is our goal to inspire individuals to lead happy lives with positive mindsets that in turn lift up those around them. We envision a world where the weight of mental illness is overcome by genuine thoughts and actions of love


When it comes to the clothing, our products are comfortable, causal and stylish with designs that aim to connect with an open-minded audience. But at it’s core, our clothing is an extension of our message, a way to start a conversation, provoke a smile or show support for a lifestyle which puts positivity first.


Whether you are hopping on a board, hitting the trails, heading into work, or traveling the globe, we hope you are reppin’ the Tribe, spreading positivity wherever your precious life may lead you. 


We donate 10% of sales to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


After experiencing the loss of a dear friend and original team member, Vibe Tribe began transformation from a small clothing brand to an effort for something more. Although selling clothes is at the root of our company, we only wish that as many people as possible may feel a connection to our company which inspires them to emulate the same positive attitude that we at Vibe Tribe preach. In addition to connecting people with clothing, we are getting out and talking to individuals about what makes them happy to be alive for what we like to call, The Positivity Project. We hope that by reading about the ideas and actions that make a variety of individuals happy, those struggling may be inspired to find a similar sense of positivity within themselves. As our company continues to evolve we intend to keep our message of positivity as well as the topic of mental illness at the core.